Boutique Events

A private or business event, large or small, in nature or at a banquet hall, in Israel or overseas, for two hours or lasting  a week; it does not matter, because every event that we produce is unique – personal, sweeping, precise, meticulous, and nuanced, because every event that we produce is a world unto itself – sui generis and unforgettable. It surprises – the locations, experiences, and senses.

It is multisensory with delicious tastes, intoxicating aromas, and dizzying colors.

We are pleased to meet you (:

With over ten years experience in producing events, we work with premium clients in the economy. Our clients stay with us from the first meeting. Why?

Because we produce events with creativity, originality, passion, and enthusiasm.

Who dares, wins.

Every successful event begins with precise and meticulous planning. We identify all the needs, objectives, and wishes. We produce ideas and dreams to create an event that is a new and original world just for you, in which every detail is taken into account.

A new and wonderful world

A world created from dozens and hundreds of items, which give every guest a complete and real experience that reflects you (or your brand) precisely and perfectly. A world that we create from A to Z – with the best professionals in the business: designers and chefs, musicians and DJs, artists and gaffers; a world that will exist only once, and never repeated.

Personal Experience

To empower the personal experience of every participant, and to create tension and excitement even before the event, we generate a big buzz

A gift, video clip, a surprising, intriguing and tempting personal message, so that the invitees will arrive with expectations and excitement to the event, where everything is connected to one moment greater than life; an epitome where all the guests merge with the event and all the details merge with the guests.

The location, design, food and beverages, music, shows and personal gifts create a world of excitement that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are there too, quietly, serenely, without pressure, ensuring that everything goes precisely and optimally according to plan.

If you do not see us and do not hear us that means we probably did great work.

Unforgettable events

We are skilled, experienced, creative, and dedicated under the leadership of Yael Levanon.

Yael studied in London and worked in productions at the BBC. In Israel, she worked at Herzliya Studios and Keshet Broadcasting, and subsequently as vice president for marketing at an international diamond firm. She decided to make her own way in order to realize her vision to create original and exciting breakthrough events– events that are dream worlds, events that come from great passion and dedication straight from the heart.